KPM Marble established in 2008, is part of The Oreks Mining Group, which is the leading to well-established corporation of the mining industry.

KPM Marble located in Turkey, we are operating marble quarries, factories and blocks trade business. our production includes raw blocks, polished slabs, floors, stairs, saddles, cut to size tiles, with our own quarry selections start from beige and grey color end up with luxury onyx section, we are supply to our customers not only wholesale but also fantastic projects.

With 10 years experience in this business we have extraordinary connections with other material’s quarry, therefore we are able to provide different varies of material, ensuring the uniformity of the selected materials and satisfying our customers with modernize management and strict quality control.


To continuously develop a system based on dynamic, pioneering and international standards; to increase product quality to exceed customer expectations.


To combine nature with infrastructure, innovation marry with creativity to illumine the public life with the great natural stone.
We believe that high efficient service is the best way for achieving sustainable and quality growth in our business.

Quarries : Kpm Marble own more than five different quarries supplying beautiful nature stone with popular selections, the famous XINDIWANG(new empire beige) quarry located in Kemalpasa area of Bursa Turkey which is an well know beige material in all over the world, quarry opened since 1998, production are more than 100000tons.There are luxury materials FOREST GREY AND SUNSHINE ONYX, the unique color and selections are suitable for luxury design projects.

Factories : In 2015 KPM Marble established a factory in bursa city, we are cutting our own materials, produce polished slabs, floors, stairs, saddles, cut to size tiles for the worldwide market.

Our new manufacturing plant established in 2019, a totally automated production line with multifunctional operating system to proceed standardize production.

Our market range from local market to the Far East Asia , Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United states. with our well experienced and efficient team we provide the best solutions for the architects, designers and contractors that wish to create modern design projects.

Intertional Trade : KPM blocks trade started from 2008 and established an excellent reputation in the marble industry. we export marble, dolomite, travertine, limestone and onyx all around the world. at the moment we are distributing grey, beige and white color which are most popular and hardest aspect selections.

In order to provide better service to our customers, we established an exclusive sales team in local community of the targeting markets such as China, India. in turkey our inspectors are located in different areas which are close to the quarries assisting our customers to accomplish their purchase in the quarries.

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